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Your Rights, Your Voice - A Guide for Youth with Mental Health Concerns Transitioning to Adulthood

School Discipline, Suspension & Expulsion

This article provides information on mental health concerns, specifically when transitioning to adulthood. The article discusses school after high school, getting ready for work and money matters. This information was provided by Disability Rights Texas.

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This document provides information on:

  • educating yourself about what 504 and special education services are, how to know if you need these services and what if you don't agree with the services being provided;
  • if you can request accommodations for college entrance exams, what accommodations you can request in post-secondary programs and what you can do if you're having trouble getting program accomodations;
  • ​getting ready for work by applying for help from Texas Workforce Solutions - Vocational Rehabilitation Services;
  • what are reasonable work accommodations, how to ask for work accommodations and what to do if you experience discrimination at work because of your disability;
  • ​how your healthcare changes once you turn 18, what your rights are when you are hospitalized for mental health, and how to know if you are eligible for Medicaid;
  • what programs are available to help you have enough money to live on your own, how to know if you are eligible for these programs and whether you can work and not lose benefits from these programs;
  • what are your rights regarding housing, what you can do if you are being discriminated against regarding housing and what housing assistance is available; and
  • what is supported decision making, what is guardianship and if there are alternatives to guardianship.